Experts from the University of Texas M.

Acupuncture Eases Radiation-Caused Symptoms in Malignancy Patients A study only reported in the web problem of the journal Head and Neck increases the developing body of evidence that the historic healing technique referred to as acupuncture isn’t some type of hocus pocus quackery that just works via the placebo effect. Experts from the University of Texas M men erections . D. Anderson Cancer Center found that weekly acupuncture treatments twice weekly relieved symptoms of a condition known as xerostomia – – severe and debilitating dry mouth resulting from radiation treatments for mind and neck cancer. After repeated, cumulative doses of radiation used in high amounts during cancer treatment, salivary glands are so injured they are able to shut down, becoming incapable of producing anything close to normal and adequate amounts of saliva.

Also of great benefit for type 1 diabetics Slak Rupnik: ‘Our research also reveal that the examined cough suppressant protects the beta cells from cell death, which would also be very beneficial for type 1 diabetics.’ Their diabetes worsens appreciably during the period of the condition in order that – despite an improvement in blood sugar directly after the start of insulin therapy – they have a continuously high insulin requirement. That is thought to be due to the beta cells dying off or at least gradually producing less insulin, amongst other activities. Further studies are actually required to clarify if the cough suppressant in fact defends the beta cells if it’s found in conjunction with regular diabetes therapy..