Exercise Eases symptoms of menopause

‘We would like to see the exercise programs offered as part of primary health care for postmenopausal women. At the very least, post-menopausal women should be encouraged to join a local group exercise suitable for their age and health so they can share the benefits experienced by women in our study, ‘says Villaverde-Gutierrez.The group has also improved performance on measures of psychological and physical functioning and positive state of mind, while the nonexercisers decreased in these areas.

We know menopause affects every woman differently so there is no ‘one size fits all’ answers. Obtain the necessary information to manage your menopausal health care provider you can trust.

At baseline, 50 percent of women in the active group and about 58 percent of nonexercisers had severe symptoms of menopause. At the end of the study, the %age of women with severe menopausal symptoms decreased to 37 percent in the active group and an increase of over 66 percent in others.

It’s never too late for women to enjoy the benefits of starting a regular basis, according to a new study shows that can alleviate and improve the quality of life.

‘Participating in regular exercise program has improved the health of women and they also have the opportunity to join a sociable group activity and reduce feelings of loneliness,’ says Villaverde-Gutierrez in a press release. ‘Our results suggest that regular exercise programs can help alleviate some of the physical symptoms associated with menopause and improve women’s health and quality of life.’

The results appear in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. Exercise eases symptoms

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