ERT eC SSRS solution offers customers a scientifically sound levitra purchase.

ERT eC – SSRS solution offers customers a scientifically sound, cost effective solution and convenient method of prospectively monitoring for suicidality and has been designed in line with the requirements of the FDA levitra purchase . Greist presented data from the successful eC – SSRS validation study of a major pharmaceutical company with results demonstrating high levels of promoted feasibility, reliability and validity for assessing suicidality and protect patient safety. Many large and medium pharmaceutical companies opt for the eC – SSRS solution to implement.

This approach can also reduce website load is reduced and sponsor costs by as much as 45 percent. The results of the webinar poll found that 97 percent of the study participants thought manager that the coordinated self-rated eC – SSRS verses a clinician administered approach could reduce their costs. We are pleased that the results of the recent webinar have shown that clinicians and study managers accept the need for an effective suicidality monitoring approach and rely on the eC – SSRS as a cost-effective solution, comments Michael Federico. It is important that pharmaceutical companies identify an effective monitoring procedures early on the burden on the the burden on study sites and. Make the transition as seamless as possible .


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