Equality Improving health in Europe: “health for all” requires a partnership approach

Mr. gradually add more features than a doctor. The pharmaceutical industry is highly innovative. If governments are working to support innovation, industry will supply the new era medical breakthrough.Andrew Witty, GlaxoSmithKline’s CEO and President of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations , said the conference Health in the 21 st century Europe in Brussels that the international community of research-based ‘pharmaceutical industry and policymakers must work together so that all patients are able to receive appropriate treatment. There is wide variation between Member States in the speed with which valuable new drug available to patients and the variable later, the absorption of drugs between countries and between areas of the disease.

He added: We must create the right policy and regulatory framework in Europe This requires effective prevention and wellness programs must shift the focus from cost to value, and set a strategic plan that addresses the unmet satisfied, the disease sets priorities allows clear and shared . understanding of the final value, is to improve the lives of citizens and patients -. is the patient at the center of decision-making must be empowered to make informed choices on access, allocation funding and assessment of value in this difficult climate, it is essential to achieve better outcomes for patients across the European Union for public budgets and industry. It requires a balance between the needs of different stakeholders, with the first patients. The industry is ready to play its role. We are the Member States and others to do the same

Speaking with John Dalli, the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, at the conference, Mr. Witty has recognized the challenges facing governments in the current financial situation and called for a partnership approach: Innovation is transforming the lives of precious health for all must be reached together.

local, national and European health all must be the spearhead of keys – more institutions working together in an environment of trust, the more likely that the right approaches can be developed.