Enhanced Gummy Bears fight against tooth decay

The gummy bears made with xylitol used in the study are not available in the U.S. The study now wants a large clinical trial.Metabolism and Cancer: The last round of talks to be held Wednesday 9:55 to 12:10, will present the latest findings on the metabolism and. Metabolic processes are essential for the survival and growth of cancer cells, and exciting new research studies the metabolic functions that may contribute to cancer development and potential mechanisms for prevention. This session will include presentations by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto and McGill University.

A study in Washington State gathered 154 students from first to fifth from two elementary schools. The students were given four gummy bears made with either xylitol and maltitol three times a day during school hours.

For xylitol to be successfully used in promotion programs among primary school children, an effective way of providing xylitol must be identified, Ly said. Gummy Bears seem to be the most ideal of chewing gum.

Kiet A. Ly lead study author with the University of Washington said in a press release that gummy bears may have the advantage over the gums.

After six weeks, there was a reduction in significant the accumulation of bacteria associated with primary children who have tasted the sweet xylitol and maltitol.