Endocytosed officials to present the results of four clinical studies at the annual meeting

The study is a preliminary phase II randomized as well as assess the safety and effectiveness of the EC145 in women with ovarian cancer resistant to standard platinum-based chemotherapy. The research is conducted in more than 60 sites in the United States, Canada and Europe and includes over 150 participants. More information is available atThe provisional results of the previous study, a randomized phase II study of the combination of Doxil and EC145 for the treatment of patients with platinum-resistant, will be provided during an oral presentation. EC145 is a conjugate of folate targeted chemotherapy drug is very powerful.

EC20 is a folate-targeting agent for molecular imaging has developed as a noninvasive method to identify tumors that overexpress folate receptors. These tumors are the molecular targets for therapeutic compounds EC145, EC0225 and EC0489. Until now, EC20 was administered to over 350 patients and found to be well tolerated.

EC0225 and EC0489 are conjugates of folic acid and vitamin powerful anti-cancer drugs. Both are currently under phase I studies in progress.

– ‘A phase I study administered EC0225 Weeks 1 and 2 of a cycle of four weeks’ will be available for inspection at the general poster session, Monday, June 7 from 8 am to noon S Hall A2.

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Endocytosed will also show the results of a phase II study of personalized medicine with a companion diagnostic EC20, a folate targeted imaging agent to predict response to targeted therapies folate. The clinical data of two Phase I studies of EC0225 and EC0489, both folate targeted therapies, will also be presented.

– ‘A Phase I study of folate-conjugated EC0489 targeted cancer refractory metastatic or Advanced’ will be available for inspection at the general poster session, Monday, June 7 from 8 am to noon S Hall A2.

Folate is necessary for the division of rapidly dividing cells and tumor cells overexpressing folate receptors to capture enough folic acid to support cell division. Thanks to the combination of a chemotherapy drug with folic acid, EC145 tumor target cells, avoiding most of the normal cells. This focused approach is designed to provide a treatment with potent drugs, offering a lower toxicity compared to standard chemotherapy.