Eliminate cold sores

Caught in time, the number and size of the bulbs can be controlled by controlling the virus ointments, but the herpes simplex can recur at any time. ‘About 90 % of the world who bring with them for life, once infected, become ill again in situations,’ said Anke Burger-Kentischer the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering Engineering and Biotechnology IGB in Stuttgart. Down with a herpes virus is not always safe. In the worst cases, the nervous system and brain become inflamed. The researcher, together with his team and the mobile service systems, has developed a 3D model of herpes infection. This allows for the first time to integrate the complicated stage of latent virus in a skin model. A patent application has been submitted for the new process.The screening program for chlamydia in Hillingdon, young people have other ways to access a free, confidential testing fast and easy. Young people can:

Until now, the models used for skin testing to detect the virus and drugs were very simple and can simulate the virus inactive. ‘We have built a line of neuronal cells in the skin model, ISS and the certificate are able to detect the lag phase for the first time Just as in human nerve cells, the particles of the virus itself can not be seen. Only the presence of its DNA can be justified by a PCR analysis, ‘said the expert. The researcher and his team then presented the model of skin to ultraviolet radiation at wavelengths of 280-315 nanometers . This reactivation of the herpes virus, and there was an infection on the skin model. The proof of this reactivation is possible on a co-culture. For this reason, researchers have introduced the cell line latently infected neurons to a carrier with pores. Then the cells were irradiated with UVB. The virus has been reactivated and has penetrated the pores and infects keratinocytes of the skin – keratinizing cells grown previously. To control the infection, the scientists used a specific antibody that binds to a specific protein on the outer layer of the virus. The color of this antibody clearly demonstrated the infection of skin cells with the virus reactivated from the nerve cells. Experiments on animals in the future will be largely unnecessary,’ happily explain Kentischer Burger and graduate student, Hogk Ina, who worked on the development of the model beginning .

The expert explains the specificity of the virus: ‘After the bubbles calm, herpes virus retreats to nerve cells and is at this stage, only the DNA of the virus can be proved .’ As soon as the human suffering too much stress or even under the sun is too intense, nerve cells release the virus. Passes through the neural pathways to sites where it occurred several times before, and the new infection becomes visible.