Echinacea moderately effective in treating colds

Study participants were randomized to receive or not to take anything for colds, echinacea contains a pill, a pill or placebo. Some patients were informed about what is and some have not been informed. Patients were asked to rate their symptoms twice daily in more than two weeks.Echinacea has long been touted for its fight against respiratory infections. Demonstrated its effectiveness has been mixed. Upper respiratory tract infection is one of the top 10 most costly diseases in the United States, according to researchers, with a resulting economic cost of $ 40 billion annually and 20 million doctor visits and 40 million school days lost every day of work.

What we did is a small proof of principle study that we think is just the tip of the iceberg with epigenetics to expand our knowledge of new markers for many common diseases and opening the door to personalized medicine epigenetic, says Feinberg.

Despite its popularity as a natural remedy for the treatment of a new study suggests that echinacea does not significantly reduce the severity or duration of colds.

The researchers also measured levels of immune cell activity from nasal wash specimens provided by participants. The samples show no significant differences between those who took echinacea and those who don t have, suggesting that it was not your big effect on the immune system.

Overall, patients taking echinacea had a slightly reduced duration of their cold about seven to 10 hours less than those who did not take echinacea. Their colds also have a little ‘less serious.

However, the researchers note that t may be excluded if these improvements were soft due to chance or other factors.