Earth in the U. S. Health Care Reform Law Clash than meets the eye

This survey was designed and funded by CHPPR. Strategies for the international market has led the investigation on behalf of CHPPR April 15 to 19. A total of 600 adults in 48 states and the District of Columbia responded to the survey. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 4 percentage points.“When we examined the responses of those who said they wanted to repeal the law and start from scratch, with the exception of the requirement that all Americans purchase health insurance, most of the things I wanted already enshrined in law. It seems that the mandate requiring Americans to buy health insurance may be the only thing that is strictly opposed, and that may be the main reason for pushing to repeal the law, “said Aaron Carroll, MD, MS , Director of CHPPR.

Another unexpected result was the formulation of the problem as clearly important public option. When the public option was presented as an option of the Government to administer “competition” with private health insurance, only 48 percent of Americans supported. When framed more as a “choice” between the government provided health insurance or private health insurance, the percentage of the Americas who have supported an increase of nearly 75 percent.

39 percent said they would repeal the law and begin the process of health reform from scratch

Less than a quarter of Americans do not want to change the health care legislation signed into law by the President last month, but there may be a common ground with other Americans to think much, according to the latest national survey by researchers at the Indiana University Center for Policy Health Research and professionalism (CHPPR).

Among those who wanted further reform of the health care system, 83 percent were in favor of adding provisions on medical malpractice reform, 85 percent approved the sale of insurance across state borders and 73 percent wanted see an increase in drug regulation. However, other health care reforms actually fell down the list of priorities for the next legislative session by reducing the federal deficit and the reform of financial regulation is considered the most important issues to be addressed.

When respondents were asked how they saw the new law: 21 percent said they were completely satisfied

Of the nearly four in 10 Americans who want the law repealed and new legislation passed, many still favor the same reforms that are already contained in the new law.