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Documentation a person authenticates the existence of his / her citizenship for a start, and is be that they to have a right to life, liberty and protection, explains the author. In the last four decades there has been little progress in the count of lives around the world by Who Counts? less than a third of the world’s population is covered by accurate data on births and deaths Far greater global urgency in this in this challenge, ‘Horton writes. He says it should local robust and effective national statistical systems at the country level, strong ministries, judicial systems, civil service and. Be information networks should also voice of civil society, the demands and makes the health sector act, ‘the health sector can be an important catalyst in that effort. ‘.

, Heart attack patients with Novel Stem Cell Therapy Experience significant improvement in the treated heart and lung function heart attack patients who received a new intravenous adult stem cell therapy, Provacel experienced a smaller number of side effects, such as cardiac arrhythmias, and had significant improvements in heart, lung and global function for those who received a placebo, in comparison, presented in six-month Phase I study data of the American College of Cardiology’s innovation in intervention: i2Summit in New Orleans on 25.As Prof. Culig: ‘Currently, we are conscious seven different SOCS protein, that are found to tumor cells in different types of cancers We do time now also able to provide clear evidence of addition to six various cell lines, of our gentlemen L. And M. Suzani As Dr. Of the Medical University in Vienna and the Boltzmann Cancer Research Institute in Austria, too tissue samples of tumor patients before and used. By hormone treatment and of patients which no longer responsive to this treatment In each case we have shown to SOCS-1 was present. ‘.. Watch The signalsThe team of Prof. SOCS – suppressor of cytokine signaling – protein suppressing signals the cytokines, most important messenger substances in view of the infection.

During the initial phase of the development of tumors, however, have both radiotherapy and removal surgery tumors good prospects of a successful treatment. Whereas of chemotherapy has always more effective into later stages of development has hormone replacement therapy yet the treatment of choice. This is Susani main reasons for emergence and development of prostate cancer is to activate receptors for male hormones to prostate cells.