Doctors agree Medicare is wrong, disagree about how to reform

A national survey finds most physicians believe Medicare is unfair, but it seems to be little consensus on reform proposals, according to a report on October 25 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, one of the JAMA Archives journals /.Among the reform options, participants were more likely to support financial incentives for quality of care . ‘The real experience with financial incentives to improve quality can be directly informed the doctors’ views generally more positive these types of reimbursement mechanisms,’ write the authors.

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Alex D. Federman, MD, MPH, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York and colleagues conducted a national survey of physicians chosen at random between June 25 and October 31, 2009. Participants were asked whether, in the current Medicare reimbursement, some procedures were reimbursed at levels too much and others too low to cover costs. They then rated the backing of numerous reform proposals

6 % of respondents supported the transfer mode of payment for management services and advice, but there was much less consensus on this proposal. For example, 66.5 % of General argued compared to 16.6 % of the surgeons. ‘As expected, those who perform the procedures they were against, and those who do more management and board have been for her,’ they continue.

‘Overall, physicians seem to be opposed to reforms that could lower their income,’ the authors conclude. ‘So, to find common ground between different medical specialties reimbursement reform, reducing health costs and improve the quality of health care is difficult.

The research makes clear that doctors would be willing to accept compromises in the reform of the payment, and other concerns , can help improve the design of reforms to improve the payment and acceptance by physicians. ‘