Diet during pregnancy Tip: Limit Junk Food

The researchers studied mice who ate regular chow during pregnancy, or eating a diet junk food during pregnancy and / or during lactation.Previous studies have shown that the Buddhist monks who have spent tens of thousands of hours of meditation, have different patterns of brain activity. But Anderson, who made this research as an undergraduate in collaboration with a team from the University of Wisconsin-Stout faculty and students, wanted to know if they could see a change in brain activity after a shorter period.

As the pups suckled their mothers or eaten plain or chow diet of junk food. When the weaning of children, they could choose between ordinary chow or junk food, and eat as much as they wanted.

The diet of junk food including ordinary rat chow and cookies, candies, cheese, jam, donuts, chocolate muffins, pancakes with butter, potato chips and chocolate bars with caramel or purchased by a British supermarket.

Pregnant rats on the diet of junk food makes a beeline for the junk food, to raise the nose to the health of the rat chow were also offered.

After the mice gave birth, the researchers followed the mother and baby rats for 10 weeks.

This exaggerated taste for junk food ‘could make it more difficult to encourage healthy eating habits and thus control obesity and other problems, the researchers conclude.

Eat lots of junk food during or childhood obesity may be more likely, a new study.

The researchers included Stephanie Bayol, PhD, and Professor Neil Stickland, PhD, Royal Veterinary College in London.

The study was conducted in rats, not people.

But researchers say their findings show that mothers can pass their junk food to their children and increase their obesity.