Decreased prevalence and costs of malpractice tort reform after complete surgical

During this period, surgeons performed 98,513 surgeries. In this cohort, surgical patients filed 28 complaints. The vast majority of the costumes were filed from 1992 to 2003 . About half of these cases were decided in favor of the plaintiff, and the rest for the surgeon. The responsibility for the costs of the study was 5.56 million, and attorneys’ fees were $ 1.6 million for a total cost of litigation of $ 7.16 million. The annualized cost was almost $ 600,000 a year. From 2004 , three surgery-related causes were filed. The total cost of the legal case was $ 3,345, or an annualized cost of approximately $ 500 per yearThe prevalence of surgical malpractice lawsuits significantly decreased following the reform wrong. After the reform of the tort, has dropped to 8 / 100, 000, a relative reduction of almost 80 % .

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Tort Reform Act also significantly reduced legal fees and premiums for malpractice insurance for surgeons. In 2002, premiums for malpractice insurance was $ 10 000 for every surgeon.

In 2010, the premium dropped to $ 2,700 and $ 2,000 is designed to be part of the surgeon next year.