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And Bioamber Inc when receiving Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards. Industrial biotechnology is the most promising way to ‘purify an efficient, clean production of chemicals and biofuels is already being used to produce everyday products more efficiently, fossil fuels fossil fuels with renewable, and the environment, said Brent Erickson, executive vice president of BIO ‘s industrial & Environmental section. ‘BIO congratulates our members who have been recognized by the Presidential Green Chemistry Award for their groundbreaking advances in the application of industrial biotechnology for green chemistry.

About Universal Detection TechnologyUniversal Detection Technology is a developer of monitoring technologies, including bioterrorism detection devices. The company on its own and with development partners is positioned to capitalize on the opportunities in terms of Homeland Security. For example , the company in cooperation with NASA, has a bacterial spore detector that detects certain biohazard substances developed. The Company is also a reseller of handheld assays for detection of five bioterrorism agents, radiation detection systems and antimicrobial products used. For more information, please visit.D3 has closely linked UPMC is physicians been working at develop standardized approaches to IMRT treatment planning on prostate cancer, said Robin Green, CEO of D3 The centralization of planning treatment and delivery of process of can effective and efficient way to consistently provide. Of high-quality treatment .

Bringing sophisticated radiation joint facilities can has very positive effects on a patient’s quality of life of relieving anxiety and stress of Travelling for treatment. Of quality irradiation plan to center were in a central location, D3 Radiation Planning, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is based Through telemedical capacities, medical physicist at the D 3 association with radiotherapist at the municipal level facilities developing to individualized the treatment plans the patient performed .. Supply high qualitypproach for radiation therapy Quality Care offer to cancer patients.

By studying the findings, study co-author differences in toxicity profiles and recommend radiation dose Recipes in 758 prostate cancer patients by IMRT at 12 own community cancer centers and an academic flagship treats.