Correspondence to: Dr

Correspondence to: Dr read more . An – Gao Xu, Department of Gastroenterology, Huizhou Municipal Central Hospital, Huizhou 516001, Guangdong Province.ThermalTherapeutic Systems Announces FDA Clearance of the VERATHERM Portable hyperthermia perfusion systemThermalTherapeutic system that FDA has the company on the market to settle its VERATHERM Portable Hyperthermic Perfusion System effective immediately. ‘FDA approval is a major achievement for ThermalTherapeutic system that the company to the VERATHERM Portable hyperthermia perfusion system can set in the hands of surgeons and perfusionists at luminary institutions across the country for medical. Those those who – – FDA is a critical step in the company’s history to standardize ongoing efforts to improve the use hyperthermia hyperthermia perfusion, ‘said Raymond F. Vennare CEO ThermalTherapeutic system. Source: ThermalTherapeutic system.

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