Contraception legislative battles escalate in states All across the country.

Senate on the line. Democrats see proposals to curb reproductive privileges in an effort to drive female independent voters back again to the party in the November election . Reuters: Utah Governor Signs Law Mandating 72-Hour AWAIT Abortion Utah’s Republican governor signed a laws extending a required waiting around period for women seeking an abortion to 72 hours on Tuesday, despite the fact that a similar requirement in South Dakota has been blocked in courtroom, a spokeswoman stated. The state currently requires a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion . The Associated Press: Idaho Lawmaker Sparks Anger With Abortion Comments A Republican Idaho lawmaker’s recommendation on the Senate floor that a doctor should ask a female who says she was raped if the pregnancy might have been caused by regular relations in a marriage brought a rebuke from another legislator who stated it’s insensitive and suggests women may lie to obtain an abortion.Will mad science eventually make use of implant technology to build up human-animal hybrids? Earlier research has attempted to grow immature human being kidneys in the abdomens of mice, but this most recent study represents the 1st time that entire organs have been effectively sown inside animals. If the procedure proves to be successful on a larger scale, it forebodes a future in which aborted human babies become a commercial commodity for businesses to capitalize on artificial organ advancement. If taken to its extreme, the procedure may also 1 day make it possible to breed of dog hybrid human-animals with unnatural mixtures of human being and animal body parts – – whatever suits the agenda of potential scientific endeavors. In this bizarre sect of scientific pursuit, there really seems to be no limit to what’s regarded as ethical or moral..