Cocaine adulterated causing severe skin reactions

The U.S. Levamisole was prescribed for humans in the past but was discontinued after the appearance of side effects similar to those seen in cocaine users.Doctors warned of a potential outbreak of public health in a recent report of patients in Los Angeles and New York who developed severe skin reactions after smoking or snorting cocaine, believed to be contaminated with a drug veterinary drug dealers used to dilute or cut up to 70 percent of the cocaine in the United States

Doctors in San Francisco had already reported two similar cases in these countries. Others have also reported on cocaine contaminated who developed a disorder associated with life-threatening immune system, called agranulocytosis, which kills 10 percent to 7 percent of patients.

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The report, published online in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, said that six patients developed a purple patch of skin necrosis on their ears, nose, cheeks and other parts of their bodies and, in some cases, have suffered permanent scarring after having used cocaine.

During one of their conference calls in May 2010, Mr. Craft said he began discussing the skin lesion seen in emergency rooms in New York and Los Angeles and realized they were all of similar models and see the common thread was the use of cocaine prior to the development of skin lesions.

The cases were consolidated and added to the database professional immediately so that other physicians in the United States were then able to see this new diagnosis.