Cloud technology to fight against cancer

The RadiotherapyGrid demonstrated the safety, power and reliability of the cloud to the health sector, while another case, the service TravelCRMGrid demonstrates the power of collaboration in the cloud and the potential for information sharing in tourism.Solution TravelCRMGrid is a travel e-commerce offering these tools, can generate important data in the travel industry, based on the real day to day operations of TAG.

This describes the type of resources expected benefits from advanced content management and business intelligence services. They are generally expensive, and deploy a diverse collection of different platforms would increase the additional cost. Experience BEinGRID business TravelCRMGrid tried to counter the problems of cost and complexity in the cloud.

This means that the smartest business decisions on what to buy from wholesalers or how to create effective and targeted marketing campaigns. By focusing on the most profitable, CTI will be able to offer high value services to its customers tailor-made trips at reasonable prices and to compete effectively in an arena currently the preserve of large companies that can afford to CRM and BI at home and have enough data to make its use profitable.

BEinGRID partners in the application of radiation are now trying to exploit the commercial service, and believe that the market is very promising. Initially, the RadiotherapyGrid will be marketed primarily as a platform ‘software-as-a-service’ in these institutions, but in the end, may also come with the hardware.

The individual elements of the system are hidden in the clouds, invisible to the user. The new offering RadiotherapyGrid two services: treatment planning and research for verification. The search function is optimized to provide alternative treatment plans based on analysis of patients, treatment requirements and other constraints.

Here is a linear accelerator, linear accelerator, or in jargon, attacks cancer by providing direct radiation from various directions. But the treatment is complex. The direction, size and duration of the tests are tailored to each individual case and should be recalculated each time the simulation.

The project has received funding from the ICT component BEinGRID the Sixth Framework Programme for research.

It ‘a phenomenally complicated calculation, which requires processing time, so this may mean delays and this has knock-on effect of lowering the number of patients that can not be treated by linear accelerators for each machine.

Early diagnosis would help, but the computing power required is expensive, greatly increasing linear accelerator installation and running costs. This is a critical bottleneck.

Cloud services, however, are not just for health. The advantages of electrical networks, security, reliability and collaboration can provide cloud services for the industry. In fact, developed BEinGRID 25 experiments in various business sectors to demonstrate to SMEs the power of cloud computing.

These are just two examples to convince BEinGRID developed to show how cloud services can help SMEs.

‘The system can also be extended and adapted for the use of new algorithms, new techniques and protocols are developed,’ says AndrĂ© s G mez Tato, a manager of business experience BEinGRID CESG, a partner BEinGRID.

Cancer is Europe and the second leading cause of death among diseases more difficult to treat. There are dozens of treatment protocols designed to meet the wide variety of cases that deal with the doctors.

Both services can be run in the background. The physician simply enters the details into a browser window, and be notified via email when the results are ready. Service level agreements and security are a particular focus RadiotherapyGrid.

In addition, the RadiotherapyGrid could be applied to other treatment modalities such as image-guided radiation therapy , or therapy brachiatherapy particles.

The result is that doctors can use the enormous computing resources, without having to pay the full cost. It offers better performance, providing faster results, and only when the service is required. The hospitals do not have to pay when the machines are at rest.

Grids can provide on-demand hardware and software, and because they are combined into a super system, offering more power at lower cost.

Behavioral therapy used in this study was to provide information to patients about IBS and analysis of their disease and symptoms, as well as progressive muscle relaxation training, coping strategies for solving problems and social assertiveness.

The intention is to provide best practices, case studies and tools and develop skills for the implementation of the clouds in Europe.