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Chronic inflammatory diseases, research ReleasedA step forward in targeted painOur bodies sense painful stimuli through certain receptors in the skin, in joints and many internal organs. Specialized nerve fibers conduct the signals from the periphery to the brain, where pain becomes conscious. ‘The spinal cord is placed between these structures as a kind of filter pain,’says Hanns Ulrich Zeilhofer, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at ETH Zurich and the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Zurich canadian levitra online .

GABAA receptors as pain targetsIt was recognized for some time, Nevertheless,rves important functions in pain therapy. That benzodiazepines act on at least four different subtypes of GABA receptors have been also known. Nevertheless, these receptors have been largely neglected as potential targets for pain treatment.

We decided that Kv12.2 was a good candidate for study because it is part of an ancient family of genes that have been preserved through the evolution of animals, said Jegla. This ancient gene family probably first appeared in the genome of the sea creatures first Cambrian era about 542 million years. It ‘s always with us and do something very important in these animals. Previous studies have suggested that the Kv12.2 channel Potassium has a role in spatial memory, but Jegla and his team focused on how it could be related to seizure disorders.

New research indicates a genetic route to understanding and treating epilepsy. Timothy Jegla, an assistant professor of biology at Penn State University, has identified a family of ancient gene that plays a role in regulating the excitability of the nerves in the brain.

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In mice without the gene Kv12.2 function, nerve cells were abnormally low levels of recovery. Even small stimuli caused seizures, said Jegla. We believe that this potassium channel plays a role in the brain’s ability to remain calm , and to respond selectively to strong stimuli.

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