China world’s high rate of caesarean sections, the WHO study says

Nearly half of all births are by caesarean section in China, which is highest in the world for the procedure, according to a study by the World Health Organization has published Tuesday in The Lancet medical journal, reports the Boston Globe. According to WHO, the rate of caesarean section has reached epidemic proportions in many countries.Metin Gulmezoglu, a WHO official who co-authored the report, said: The relative safety of the operation makes people think it is as safe as vaginal birth. However, the study found that women who have caesarean sections are not medically necessary are at greater risk of dying or being admitted to the intensive care unit, requiring blood transfusions or complications leading to hysterectomy face. The study found that the procedure benefits infants during breech deliveries.

The rate of cesarean U.S. is at a record level of 31 percent, according to the Globe .

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