China has 1 4 million new cases of tuberculosis every year.

China has 1 4 million new cases of tuberculosis every year, more than any other country except India? A tuberculosis control project on short-course chemotherapy with anti-tuberculosis drugs in the internationally recommended DOTS strategy was based in the middle of the country in 1991, introduced by a national survey of prevalence of tuberculosis in 1990. Another in 2000 in 2000, P.n 1990. -assessment of the national TB burden, providing the opportunity to assess the effects of tax project.

Philippe Valet team has just found out that our cells are equipped with a second pathway for the assimilation of glucose. This discovery is on a protein called apelin 0.1 basedThis protein is not only a key , that is different from insulin, but also guides you through a different receptor or door .In type II diabetics, type II diabetes, instead compromised, compromised, this discovery makes it possible to provide an effective treatment. The results observed by Philippe Valet team make it possible to short-circuit this mechanism and achieve sugar assimilation by a completely different way from that mediated insulin.Over PX-12inhibit PX – 12 a small molecule that does one thioredoxine. Elevated levels of thioredoxin – 1 have been in many kinds of cancer cells, including hepatoma, squamous cervix carcinoma, the primary stomach cancer and colorectal cancer detected. Elevated levels of thioredoxin-1 are connected to reduced susceptibility to a plurality of common can bring may cause or contributing to drug resistance.