Chance to win Apple iPad participating in market research for the top of the field of Mobile Health, 22-23 September 2010, London

What will the impact of mobile health care innovation in State practice, the PCT, the patient – Preparing for the future of healthCost reduction and chronic disease: Why Health needs a new approach and Now

Putting the patient at the center of healthcare wireless for successful innovation in health services and design

The event is the collaboration between the wire and the health / fitness areas and drive so far to encourage cross-sector panel discussion. Expect a lot of debates, speeches 1:01 interviews, case studies of granules care provider, a regional round of global health mobile, lightning struck a presentation and start with new prices, the inauguration of the University challenge R & D events and documents, and much more.

The tone of global excellence and inspiration for the mobile health care is determined by more than 60 speakers and guides the activation of the driving forces of innovation Wireless Health and Welfare of the sport. Case studies are those of France Telecom, Telefonica, the choice of the NHS, Mayo Clinic, Harley Street doctors, Monica Healthcare, Royal National Institute for the Blind, the New Economic Partnership for African Development and the European Alliance recently announced mobile health.

A survey to determine what stakeholders that the principle of the wireless market and is set as mHealth and development was conducted in preparation for the Summit of the field of Mobile Health, 2010.

Global Round Up – rapid-fire presentation of case studies and global developments

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Free delegate passes to be provided to all healthcare professionals.