Cats phone is a hazard for drivers

The passengers talking on mobile phones have proved much worse driving performance, the researchers said. Phone talkers turned in another way and were four times more likely to lose the output of the rest area.The study was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. The researchers analyzed the driving performance of 41 pairs of young adults mostly in simulated driving conditions. Drivers were paired with friends who have acted as partners in conversation.

Contact us by phone or cat sitting beside the driver, they should tell the story of an NDE.

The pilots were divided into three groups. A group of pilots has talked on a cell phone hands-free conversation with their partners. The second group chatted with passengers who were sitting next to them during the simulated driving experience. The third group had no conversations

The average age of participants was 20. All had their driver’s license in Utah.

Researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston have identified a new strategy for the treatment of type 2, identifying a cellular path that does not work when people become obese. Activating this artificial track, were able to normalize blood glucose levels in obese and diabetic mice.

Their findings will be published online by the journal Nature Medicine on March 28.