Cardiovascular Systems is part of the first patient in the clinical trial 360 degrees FOOTBALL

David L. Martin, president and CEO of cardiovascular disease, he noted, ‘CSI sets the stage for the collection of clinical data to support the standard of care for PAD patients, save lives and limbs, support and evidence-based medicine. 360 an important consideration in this cost-conscious environment of care. ‘CALCIUM 360 is the second clinical study of 360 CSI, which seeks to demonstrate the results of successful acute and long-term sustainable system with the Diamondback 360 PAD. The study integrates the study FOOTBALL 360 Compliance 360, launched in June 2009, another prospective study randomized 50 patients to evaluate the use of the Diamondback 360 above the knee arteries.

Transfusion lung injury should happen when antibodies or other molecules of the donor cells or plasma of white blood cells react negatively with white blood cells of the recipient. Circulatory overload is presumed to occur when the volume of donated blood transfusion is too much for the cardiovascular system of the recipient. According to the researchers, leukoreduction, removing white blood cells, would reduce these complications.

CIS 510 has received marketing approval from the FDA as a therapy for the Diamondback 360 PAD in August 2007 on the basis of data from the OASIS study, the first prospective study evaluating a plaque removal, which enrolled 124 patients 20 sites. Acute results showed that the Diamondback 360 device is safe and effective. The results of six months showed no major amputations, and 97.5 % of patients required no reintervention.4 % of patients after two years.

Shammas. ‘The Diamondback 360 may offer physicians an essential solution to remove plaque effectively treated without a high rate of dissection and need for stenting below the knee.

360 FOOTBALL build on previous studies of the Diamondback 360 procedure, adding to our understanding of this unique technology. ‘