Carbon and benzene monoxide pose hazards to humans.

$3.2M grant to explore how chemical substances affect human health Most people would agree that arsenic, lead, mercury, carbon and benzene monoxide pose hazards to humans Read more . Not many, though, recognize that the average indivdual is subjected to about 10,000 different chemicals each day. Thanks to a $3.2 million grant from the Environmental Protection Agency and its own Science to attain Results program, a group of University of Houston researchers is taking the lead with about $1.5 million in a collaboration including the Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine and Indiana University.

The chemical filtered right down to the drinking water table. The initial pollution started in the 1950s, and continued long afterward. Tens of thousands of people could end up receiving settlement for DuPont crimes It could not seem like a big offer to some – – after all, chemical companies manufacture chemical substances all of the right time, right? In the case of C8, the plaintiffs allege that DuPont knew of its profound dangers but continued to utilize it at the expense of public health. DuPont has negligently, recklessly, maliciously, knowingly, carelessly, wrongfully and/or intentionally allowed, caused and/or usually permitted and can be continuing to so allow, cause, and/or permit C-8 to become discharged otherwise, vented, emitted, and/or in any other case released from the plant, reads one of the suits filed back in February 2013.