Capture the prestigious Innovation Award Pleuraflow

The winners of the R & D 100 awards are selected by a panel of independent judges and editors of R & D Magazine. Publication and its online portal available to scientists, engineers and other technical staff of industrial high-tech and public and private laboratories around the world.Terry Boyd and his colleagues at the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, in collaboration with computer scientists at Deloitte Consulting LLP, explaining how, historically, public health surveillance systems in the United States were designed to record information about public health issues among certain population groups and to answer specific questions about the spread of the disease and the risks to these groups. Unfortunately, this approach to data collection and manipulation may limit the ability of public health to use existing systems to investigate the emergence of new threats against pathogens such as influenza virus news.

The winners will be awarded to R & D 100 Awards Banquet October 13, 2011 in Orlando, Florida, a list of winners is on innovations in R & D 100 Awards website. Further information, including registration for the event in Orlando, will be available on this site on 1 July 2011.

As the first chest tube with a mechanism for clearing blood clots actively PleuraFlow Active front pipe system represents the most significant innovation in the chest tubes in half a century. The Active Front PleuraFlow tube system includes a metal ring at the end of a guide wire inside the tube. Clots can be removed without breaking the sterile field, to guide the shuttle to the sleeve along the back along the tube. The device was designed and developed by Clear Catheter Systems Design Group carbon. Xeridiem designed and developed the production process and manages the logistics, including order fulfillment.