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~ ‘ No to Violence Against Women ‘ Summit Points into the economics, Marcia Yerman, Huffington Post blogs: the agenda of the last No Against Women Against Women conference in New York , including an exploration of strategies that could lead to change transformative ‘ , including the link between women ‘s need to be safe from violence and economic self-sufficiency, Yerman, co-founder of writes writes According Yerman, Building will create security for women as a basis for blocks that strong civil societies delivers – both in developing countries and countries that are struggling to recover from the ravages of conflict and war. she adds.: In order for women to be active in the workforce, the game by law and have access to health care and education. Yerman argues that .[c] hange has two levels First, the game of governments, their legal systems and the global adjustment of the International Violence Against Women Act will be implemented. In addition, non-governmental organizations need to transform implement by a grassroots, on the ground approach, she writes (Yerman, Huffington Post blogs, ~ The first day of the hearing, shoves Special Report Kagan myths, Media Matters for America: refuted the Media Matters post statements on Fox News ‘ Special Report on the first day of Kagan’s hearings , the Post illustrates incorrect information in the segment. On Kagan’s past positions on campus military recruitment, former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Aharon Barak and their courtroom experience. For example, although Special Report host Bret Baier suggested that Kagan lacks courtroom experience . Six oral hearing before the Supreme Court and the signature of more than 170 legal briefs during her time as Solicitor General In addition, Kagan’s legal experience is comparable to that of[ Justice William] Rehnquist,[ Clarence] Thomas and[ John] Roberts at the time of nomination, the Post notes (Media Matters for America.

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