Caliper Life Sciences launches LabChip (R) Applications for Next XT next-generation sequencing

Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. , a leading provider of tools and services for drug discovery and life sciences research, has introduced the LabChip XT, an automated tool fraction nucleic acids. The solution eliminates a bottleneck in a modern organization of work for the next generation sequencing, replacing the tedious and isolating gel purification steps used to select the size of the sheared genomic DNA. The LabChip XT and integrated software uses a multi-channel microfluidic chip to process samples rapidly and independently without the possibility of cross contaminationOur results show the effects of different specifically inhibit the initiation of protein synthesis on memory consolidation and reconsolidation, clearly these two processes have a greater variation than previously thought, said Eric Klann, a professor at New York University’s Centre for Neural Science, and a study co-authors. Why is the memory addressing related afflictions like PTSD, depends first of all understand the nature of memory formation and the reading of these memories, find cures can be even more difficult than is currently recognized.

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‘The LabChip XT has been developed in collaboration with leading suppliers of sequencing centers and generation sequencing instrumentation and chemicals,’ said Kevin Hrusovsky, President and CEO, Caliper Life Sciences. ‘We are confident that the XT LabChip, Caliper is the first product on the market introduction of sequencing will improve the efficiency of sample preparation and data processing downstream of two essential elements for the next generation sequencing.

We work with Our newly formed Science Advisory Board to demonstrate the sequence of workflow improvements sequencing and developing additional technology platforms in the industry. ‘