Caffeine: Sex Potion for Females?

The study, titled Coffee, Tea and Me , is to appear in an upcoming issue of Pharmacology, biochemistry and behavior. Consume caffeine, want sex?Caffeine does not affect the speed with which female rats left their partners after sex, the study shows. Large doses of caffeine in milk

It would be interesting to see if the regular use of caffeine has the same effect on female rats, Guarraci said. If he knew that to be true, it would be more confident, saying it would be something useful for women to consider, he said.

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The female seems to control the mating encounter, said Guarraci rats.

Caffeine females would go and visit faster, and that would stay with the males until they received sexual stimulation before leaving, said Guarraci.

There are many women out there with sexual dysfunction, and if they understood how it goes or how we can increase that would be a useful thing, said Guarraci.

The way we measure their interest is to go back and see the men having just had some sexual interaction with them, said Guarraci.

So, when a male and a female mouse is ready for mating, the female does all the gatekeeping for the male. He decides when it’s time for him to mate in nature as well as in the laboratory, said Guarraci.

Ultimately, Guarraci and his colleagues want to identify the structures and chemistry of the brain involved in sexual motivation in mammals, including people and rats.

However, he points out the results of this study may be something to think about women who do not eat a lot of caffeine, which generally have low levels of caffeine in them. Prices came back for more sex

Most of the time, women drink coffee on a daily basis or ingest caffeine in cola drinks, he notes.

The higher doses have been like having several large Lattes at once, he said. The rats were fully wired with caffeine? No, said Guarraci.

Caffeine seems motivated to search for the female sex, not to burn the extra energy from the caffeine, the researchers write. Mate you’re a mouse?

Rats and humans are obviously different. But the behavior of the mice developed wedding may seem familiar to some people.

Using the same formula for the man, the lowest level would be almost equal to the caffeine in a Great cappuccino at Starbucks . pretty high caffeine drink, not something outrageous, said Guarraci.

The researchers tested various doses of caffeine in rats. The doses were based on rats. Interestingly, female rats that received half the dose of caffeine had return visits to the fastest male and the highest dose tested.

His study shows that caffeine not only female skitter around their cages possibilities. On the contrary, they specifically sought a male sex partners and are not particularly interested in socializing with another female mice.

Guarraci does not advise women to use caffeine as an aphrodisiac – at least not yet.

In the study, female rats that got their first shot of caffeine before mating were quicker than females uncaffeinated to run into a male mouse after sex.