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Celling Technologies currently leading global distribution of MXP and RES-Q devices and establishing Institutes of Regenerative Medicine to further research and development therapies expected to adult stem cells. Company standard of care standard of care through clinical performance and potentially lower health care costs ., by various means of preventative medicine matures as the field, Celling and driving driving the expertise and data in a consistent, reliable results in various areas of medicine, including orthopedic, cardiovascular, trauma and plastics industry. – About Celling Technologies.

Celling Technologies Launches the Res-Q Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Device To See completeCelling Technologies, an innovator in the field of stem cell therapy, launched its latest technology for the isolation of adult stem cells. The Res-Q device was developed by Thermogenesis Corporation, a simple, point – of-care system to supplement their use provide MXP system in the United States in the United States and several international markets. The Res-Q – unit is the second point-of-care cell processing system from Celling that utilizes a functionally closed system to eliminate the sterility problems, whereas a consistent and reliable adult stem cell concentrations within a few minutes.

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