By Heidi Ledford On 9 March.

One problem is that patients often take several drugs, including steroids and various other immunosuppressants, to tame their overactive immune systems, which can mask the consequences of an experimental treatment. Benlysta’s approval, however, has given the grouped community wish that such hurdles can be overcome. .. By Heidi Ledford On 9 March, Benlysta became the 1st lupus medication approved by US regulators in over half of a century. The event was cause for special event, not only for Individual Genome Sciences, the Rockville, Maryland biotechnology company that developed the medication, also for its many competition racing to be the next to bring a lupus therapy to advertise. Clinical trials in lupus are difficult because the disease is indeed variable notoriously. For decades, companies have tried to bring a lupus medications to market only to find their most promising candidates fail.Rapid diagnosis of influenza can help reduce length of medical center stays, secondary complications and the expense of hospital care, and invite effective implementation of infection control procedures. Alere i Influenza A & B is currently under regulatory review in the United States by the US Food and Medication Administration and is not available in the US pending completion of such review.

Accumulated contact with lead may be a significant but unrecognized risk for developing cataracts in men Accumulated contact with lead may be an important but unrecognized risk for developing cataracts in men, according to a report in the December 8 issue of JAMA.