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The Thai Ministry of Health said it would be willing to Imports discuss at cheaper prices with the pharmaceutical companies, but he felt this was the only way they will be able, with their public health crisis. HIV and AIDS in Thailand .

Other countries like Brazil and India have already circumvent the WTO national emergency exception rule for patent licenses to HIV drugs more accessible.Thailand’s health minister, Mongkol na Songkhla, the decision is justified by the high cost of patented versions of the drugs, the worse health crisis in his country. Would be willing and humanitarian organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres are Thailand have applauded actions.Having valve replacement Surgery, most have positive resultsthe good news is to approach the successful valve replacement surgery, survival,. From healthy people the same age ‘in If mainly due to stenosis, symptoms of resolve in almost every patient,’the author All patients have to close follow-up ensuring that to the replacement valve will works typically.