BME NHS Blood and launch the campaign of organ transplant donation

transplanting, but we have the lowest number in the NHS Organ Donor Register. I had to wait five years and was one of the lucky ones. There are people who will spend the rest of their lives just waiting in hope.There are currently more than 16.9 million people in the NHS organ donor register, but only 1.2 percent of them are the Asian community and 0, 0.4 percent of the members of black communities.

7. One donor can save up to 9 or transform their lives and many others can be helped by the donation of tissues.

They are also supporting the campaign are the actors Meera Syal and Will Johnson. Notes

To echo the other posts, Professor Gurch Randhawa, who was a member of the Task Force on Organ donation and Alia Rashid, a transplant donor coordinator, also spoke about organ donation and their experiences.

The press conference was organized by the Director General of NHS Blood and Transplant, Lynda Hamlyn, who presented an overview of the new campaign and its key messages. He said The facts speak for themselves by making a convincing argument for everyone to join the Organ Donor Register NHS, but it is particularly urgent appeal to members of South Asian and black communities to act, and register to help save the lives of people who would otherwise die awaiting an organ transplant.

Kulvinder Ghir, which will take the lead role in the Asian version of the game in the street, said: Organ donation is a difficult and often taboo in our community with a lot of misconceptions to be part of this campaign and take messages . in the heart of the community will be difficult, but if I can change the attitude of the people and bring the community to understand the importance of adhering to the National Health Service Organ Donor Register then I used my celebrity status.

2. There are currently 1,521 South Asians and 779 members of the black community who need a transplant

– Due to the shortage of suitable donors, patients of South Asians and blacks on average have to wait almost two times more than a white person of an organ is available.

10. The campaign will be visiting areas of BME in the coming weeks:

Anyone can register on ODR. Age is not an obstacle to be a donor of organs or tissues and are no longer medical conditions. People in their 70s and 80s have become donors and saved many lives.

In addition to increasing the awareness of organ donation, the campaign aims to challenge the prejudices that surround the issue through the innovative use of drama in a series of street games will travel to key locations around the country in the coming weeks. The campaign will support the decision-making process, providing unique insight into the community experience of patients currently on a waiting list for a transplant and the ability to see the positive impact of the gift of the donor family perspective.

– But only 1.2 percent of the South Asian community and 0.4 percent of people from black communities have joined the Organ Donor Register NHS.

Terry Davis said: ‘Since the implementation of the program in 2007, patients in the hospital are three times more likely to survive an unexpected cardiac arrest and twice as likely to survive with good neurological outcomes that what was possible before this new initiative. ‘The program is a series of factors, including an innovative program for advanced training in intensive care, a new novel algorithm for the treatment and patient education, a Rapid Response Team, and new technologies to improve pre-, intra-and post-resuscitation care and the process, according to Dr. Davis.

A host of celebrities British communities in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean have come together today to launch an awareness campaign and encourage members of South Asian and black communities to join the NHS Organ Donor Register.

3. And ‘the organization of organ donation in the UK, responsible for matching and allocating donated organs. Its mission also includes the provision of adequate and safe supply of blood and related services to the NHS.

9. Last year , 3,513 organ transplants were performed in Britain, thanks to the generosity of donors who have died since 1853 and living – the highest ever recorded.

The campaign will be launched this weekend with the premiere of Street Plays take place in Birmingham, the road Soho and Lozells. Street theater will be supported by a series of interviews with transplant patients and health professionals in local gurudwaras, temples and churches in each of the key points of the campaign.

Donna was sitting next to Bobby mudha, whose brother was tragically killed in an accident at the age of 20 years Mandip. He said: Hearing Mandip not regain consciousness, we as a family decided to donate his heart and two kidneys Mandip Her heart was given to a middle-aged man and his two kidneys of a young mother and a girl of 14 who were. depends on dialysis. We are organizing a charity soccer tournament every year in memory Mandip and next year will be our 10 th anniversary.

8. There are currently 7936 people in the UK in the waiting list for an organ transplant. This figure is constantly changing as people enter and exit the list for a transplant.

This brings the current total, which requires an organ transplant in the United Kingdom to 10,513.