Birth Control

What is the contraception?

Contraception of means of prevention of the pregnancy, also named control over birth rate. The majority of people know about an option, such as contraceptive tablets and condoms. However Is as well other variants. If you think of control over birth rate, talk to the family doctor. Your choice will depend on your health, your desire for protection against illnesses and your personal belief and preferences. As always, at a sight at birth rate control, keep in mind that any method works only if you use it constantly and correctly.

What control over birth rate is correct for me?

Over birth rate you will choose control type, depends on your requirements. It is necessary for some people only for pregnancy prevention. Other people can also want to protect itself and the partners from illnesses which can be transferred, having sex.These diseases are called as transferred by a sexual way (STIs). Some STIs include Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrom (AIDS), a clamidiosis, a virus of a papilloma of the person (HPV), a herpes, peaked condylomas and a syphilis.

Talk to the family doctor about pluses and minuses of each of control variants over birth rate.

Whether is to speak there is no “on sex really variant?

Yes. Any quality monitoring of birth rate on 100% the effective. Risk become pregnant or catch sexually transmitted infections you can to move pleasure receive from sex. A unique way to make are absolutely assured, you not to become pregnant, force whom the pregnant woman or to receive STI not to have sex in general.

Barrier methods of contraception

Barrier methods of the prevention of pregnancy, blocking sperm from hit in a uterus.They include a diaphragm, a cervical cap, contraceptive sponges and condoms. Barrier methods should be used each time when you have sex.

The woman should visit the doctor for installation on a diaphragm or cervical a cap. Use a diaphragm, a cervical cap or contraceptive sponges, can increase risk of infections of urinary ways at some women. Some women have allergic reactions with these methods.

There are condoms, a good choice?

Yes. Condoms not expensive also are widely accessible. Condoms can be united with other quality monitoring over birth rate. Condoms are especially good choice if you or your partner also to have sex with other people or if sexual contacts to other people in the past had any of you.

From all variants the barrier method of contraception, condoms offer most protection from STIs. Use a spermicide with condoms can offer more reliable protection against pregnancy, but it can’t increase your protection from STIs. Spermicides containing nonoksinol-9 can cause irritation sexual and can actually increase risk of infection of STIs.

Female condoms aren’t so effective as man’s condoms, but they can be a good choice if the person doesn’t use a man’s condom.

Hormonal quality monitoring of birth rate

Hormonal quality monitoring of birth rate of prevention of pregnancy mainly, preventing an ovulation (an exit eggs in the ovaries). They do it, having let out hormones an estrogen and progestin (or progesterone alone) in your body. The hormonal quality monitoring of birth rate registered by the doctor also includes tablets, a patch, a vaginal ring, hormonal shots and implants and type of an intrauterine spiral.

And how about a tablet?

Tablets are oral contraceptives, that is you to take it in a mouth. For a tablet for work, you should accept it every day. The majority of women which accept contraceptive tablets each four weeks (one month) have the period. One type of a birth of control of a tablet reduces quantity of the periods from a monthly term to a period each three months.

Some general by-effects of contraceptive tablets are a nausea, headaches, acne a rash, increase of arterial pressure, morbidity of mammary glands, a stomach swelling, weight and depression increase. However not any woman who accepts tablets will have by-effects. Probably, you should try some kinds of contraceptive tablets before you will find type which is better for you. The pill can reduce spasms and reduce number of days of a bleeding during the menstrual period. Tablets also can help a premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Women who accept contraceptive tablets shouldn’t smoke. Smoking raises risk of development of serious by-effects, such, as formation of blood clots.

And how about a patch?

Contraceptions a patch thin, flexible a patch which you put on the top part of a hand, buttocks, a stomach or a breast (but not on a breast). You put on a patch of times in a week within three weeks. On 4th week, you don’t carry a plaster and your period begins.

The by-effects, similar tablets. The breast discomfort meets at first two months by means of a patch is more often. The skin site where was is placed a patch there can be an irritation. Women who use a patch shouldn’t smoke. Smoking raises risk of development of serious by-effects, such, as formation of blood clots.

What is a vaginal contraceptive rings?

Vaginal contraceptive rings thin, round, flexible rings which are inserted into a vagina.After a ring insert, you will leave it in a vagina for three weeks, and then to accept it. It shouldn’t be in a certain position in a vagina. Within a week the ring, your period begins.After a week without a ring, you have put in the new.

If the ring is out of a vagina more than three hours, it can’t effectively work, if you put it back inch For protection against pregnancy, it is necessary for you to use other form of control over birth rate while the ring was for all time within seven days on end. To some women to refuse use of a ring because of problems, such as feeling of a ring in their vaginas, problems with sex and vaginas of pushing out of a ring. Women who use vaginal rings shouldn’t smoke. Smoking raises risk of development of serious by-effects, such, as formation of blood clots.

And how about a hormone shots and implants?

Hormone an injection shot (usually on a hand). You should address to the doctor for each shot. One shot prevents pregnancy within three months. Women who have pictures can have some by-effects, such as headaches and changes of their periods, mood and weight.

Hormone implants thin, flexible a piece of plastic which makes nearby the size of a match. Your doctor enters the implant under a shoulder skin. One implant prevents pregnancy for the term up to three years, but the doctor can remove the implant at any time. By-effects include implant irregular bleedings or spotting allocation, or the periods which it is easier or heavier, than usually. Some women stop to have the periods completely.

Natural planning of a family

Natural planning of a family demands to steam to learn, when in a cycle of the woman, she can become pregnant (as a rule, four days prior to and in two days after an ovulation). For prevention of pregnancy, the pair should use a barrier method of contraception or not have the intercourse those days. There are some ways of tracing of an ovulation of the woman. All of them demand a lot of planning and obligations.

Whether the conclusion is effective?

No when the person tries to pull out to ejaculate (“arrival”), it usually leaves after itself (himself) a liquid small amount that leak from a penis during sex. This liquid has enough sperm in its reason of pregnancy.

How much well these methods of contraception work?

Windows are more low shown refusals (number of pregnancies on 100 women in a year) for various types of control over birth rate. These numbers for pairs which use methods of a correct way each time when they have sex. Refusals above if you don’t use control over birth rate, as correctly each time.