Biota and Daiichi-Sankyo convinced that the safety.

Biota and Daiichi-Sankyo convinced that the safety, tolerability and efficacy are shown full proof concept for LANI and therefore intend to continue the clinical development of the product. The Phase II results should be used to improve the design of the Phase III trial will be conducted to finalize the next northern hemisphere autumn / winter influenza season. It is intended that the Phase III study be pan – Asian and Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

In previous preclinical testing CS-8958 has also shown efficacy against H5N1 bird flu virus, as well as influenza A and B.. The clinical phase II trial was designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of CS-8958 in several hundred adult patients who had confirmed, naturally acquired influenza A or B using fever and symptom resolution endpoints after a single inhaled dose. Test The in accordance with the in accordance with the management of the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency .PAHO, founded in 1902 operates with all countries the Americas to enhance the health and quality of human life America. It serves also as the Regional Office has in America of the World Health Organization.