Better prevention results.

This Week AAFP launched a $ 5 – million dollar advertising campaign to promote the fact that a patient – centered approach to health care, better prevention results, better coordinated care and a healthier public, and reduced costs. The first year of the campaign begins this week with placements in national newspapers, and continues with print and broadcast media ads.

Multistarts emphasizing a multi – million dollar branding campaign Importance Of Family Medicine in the national health care debateThe American Academy of Family Physicians has opened a strategic branding campaign to promote the importance of family medicine in the national conversation mark on health care reform.Brian Brennan Disc be which associate director of of translational Neurosciences in biological Psychiatrie Labor McLean Hospital and trainer in Psychiatry from the Harvard Medical School. Brennan is a paid consultant the XPressHW+ Mind & Mood – stressful centers.

Brennan concentrated his work at develop novel pharmacological treatments for affective disorders the translation Display fundamental discovery scienctific in treating men studies two years go its research examination of the pathophysiology bipolar disorder even abnormalities in the neurotransmitters glutamate and abnormality in mitochondrial function. This work is is a joint project the Shervert Frazier Research Institute at the the McLean Hospital , uses magnetic resonance spectroscopy brain changes changes in brain neurochemical for patients bipolar disorder after the treatment with glutamate – modulated medicines and drug that will improve the mitochondrial function.. In its current role from the McLean Hospital.