Belly Fat May Help Stem Cells Heart

U.S. investigator Douglas Losordo of stem cells, MD, Program in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, tells WebMD, The evidence strongly suggests fat stem cells can stimulate the repair process after a heart attack . We must await the results of large randomized trials [placebo, between the fat stem cells] to determine whether the method improves the quality of life and prolong life.In contrast, only 100 cc of fat – about half a cup of coffee – contains 2 million stem cells, he said. With this large number of cells, it is possible to isolate and make the patient as soon as possible. How does the technique of stem cells

This is not the first time heart attack patients were treated with stem cells. But previous studies using stem cells from bone marrow, Duckers said. The advantage of fat-derived cells is the ease with which you can get.

Duckers note that all patients were white Europeans. The results are not necessarily applicable to non-whites, he said.

It ‘was spectacular, said Duckers. There was one patient who could not even see a scar on it.

Because of the small size of the study, however, the difference between the two groups may have been due to chance.

In a study of 14 individuals who had a stroke, stem cells derived from fat reduces the amount of damaged heart tissue, an increased flow in the heart, and improve the pumping ability of the heart, compared to placebo.

Six months later, SPECT showed that the flow of blood to the heart was improved by 3.5 times in subjects to obtain stem cells from fat, compared to those getting placebo. The pumping of the heart is increased by 5.7 percent in the group of stem cells

The results were presented here at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, 2010.

Researchers liposuction the fat of the 10 patients, 20 million stem cells isolated, and injected through a catheter into the patient – all in 10 minutes. The other four patients received two infusions of placebo.

It will be a different test, before active immunization for example, can take place. But passive immunization – to give someone a premade as IVIG antibodies – might work, McLaurin suggests. IVIG vs.

In the study, the first of its kind, the people were treated within 24 hours of heart attack after suffering a cardiac catheterization to assess blood flow and angioplasty to open blocked heart artery and restore blood flow.

This study was presented at a medical conference. The results should be considered preliminary since they have not yet undergone the peer review process in which outside experts review the data prior to publication in a medical journal.

The researchers have launched a more robust phase II-III clinical trial known in advance that will be recruited up to 375 heart attack patients at 35 medical centers in the European Union. Patients will receive one of two doses of fat-derived stem cells or placebo infusions.

Two patients developed a hematoma, an area of ​​swelling filled with blood after the procedure.

But given the dramatic and consistent results, we believe there is a real effect, says study head Eric Duckers, MD, Ph.D.

, of Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands.