Baby Heart Monitors MP3: New safe approach for monitoring fetal heart could save lives

The team said they successfully tested their monitoring system on several women at different stages of pregnancy. They also point out that the system is passive, in which no energy enters the womb at any time. The technique is also inexpensive, it is also based on the mother to have access to a personal computer and an internet connection.AK Mittra, Department of Electrical Engineering, Institute Manoharbhai Patel Engineering & Technology, Gondia, India, and colleagues have developed a simple device, based on a system with two microphones that can monitor the fetal heart rate during rest periods of the mother and sleep and send an alert to the woman and her physician.

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They have now developed a device based on two small acoustic sensors that can easily monitor the fetal heart rate and feed the information into a waveform in a bedside personal computer connected to the Internet. The first microphone is connected to the mother’s womb to capture the sound of fetal heartbeat, the second is connected to a reasonable distance to pick up ambient noise and equipment.

In these complex pregnancies that end in premature birth, miscarriage or fetal death, the problems are not usually appear suddenly, but occurs in periods of days. Regular ultrasound monitoring of fetal development may find some problems, but too frequent ultrasound monitoring is associated with risks to your health. Furthermore, it can continually assess fetal heart rate.

The monitoring of fetal heart rate during the hours of a woman more relaxed at home and providing emergency medical assistance in case of anomalies will be very effective in the prevention of neonatal mortality and other prenatal complexities, the researchers say.