B meningitis is a life-threatening bacterial infections.

A lot of the work to be done, and there is no guarantee of success, but after careful different approaches to developing of a meningitis B vaccine studied believes VaxGen, production method, the a new and promising technology, and we look forward to working with VaxGen to determine if we to the next level to the next level of development. .. B meningitis is a life-threatening bacterial infections, most often in young children. The disease is almost always fatal if left untreated and 10-15 percent fatal, even if treated with antibiotics. Of those who recover the permanent of the disease, 10-20 percent experience hearing loss, mental retardation or loss of limbs. There is no licensed vaccine, has been shown to protect against a broad spectrum of meningitis B strains. – A safe and effective Meningitis B vaccine provide provide a major advance in improving the health of our children, said Lance K.

EndoBiologics ‘ production method, the Dictyostelium discoideum used as a biological mechanism for generating a potential difference vaccine antigen of lipooligosaccharide . LOS a carbohydrate structure on the surface of meningitis B bacteria. Dictyostelium uses meningitis B bacteria as a food source and produces enzymes that detoxify naturally bacterial LOS molecule. The detoxified LOS is protein using conjugated or coupled to a carrier protein using create EndoBiologics ‘ proprietary chemistry to the vaccine candidates.Others risk behavior of the 2007 survey also found that Hispanic high higher drug use than other students. / Contra Costa Times.

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