AVMA Convention helps to manage growth in a new vet with Pocket Pets

Dr. Doug Taylor, who directs the lab, said that the workshop will introduce veterinary medicine through the pocket of the animals.‘If you’ve never drawn blood or management of an animal of that size, it can be difficult, then it is really just an opportunity for veterinarians to become familiar with these animals,’ said Taylor. ‘Rats are fascinating for vets, because they are so small, so many vets really like this lab. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to provide better treatments for some of their young patients.’

The new mammal exotic pets specialty was granted provisional recognition by the AVMA Executive Board, April 12, 2008, following the recommendation of the AVMA American Board of veterinary specialties and Council on Education . According to the 2007 AVMA U. S.2 million hamsters, 1.1 million ferrets, and a million guinea pigs are a growing sector of owning pets. The new ECM practice area includes the most unusual and other small animals, including hedgehogs and sugar gliders, but do not include the money, sometimes illegal animal called ‘animal style,’ which concerned the spread of animal diseases. In 2003, prairie dogs and giant pouched rat from Gambia kept as pets have been linked to an outbreak of monkeypox in earnest.

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