Austar and ATMI open new Chinese manufacturing facility ATMI.

The brand new Beijing facility’s capabilities include blow extrusion of movies and ultra clean product packaging switching and assembly lines, for use in ultra-clean sterile product packaging applications for steam or gamma irradiation applications. The pharmaceutical market in Asia is expanding quickly as more multinational firms turn to extend their making features into this vital region. Local support and offer is an important competitive differentiator. This addition to ATMI’s manufacturing base comes just 90 days after the completion of a two-year, multi-million-dollar expansion project for its Bloomington, Minnesota manufacturing facility.Alcohol-related cirrhosis develops silently but generally presents with an episode of internal bleeding or jaundice – which is frequently fatal. The scholarly study, led by Dr Nick Sheron, senior lecturer at the University of Southampton and consultant hepatologist at Southampton General Hospital, found that abstinence from alcohol is the key factor in long-term prognosis, despite having relatively serious alcohol-related cirrhosis on a liver biopsy. The study ‘Alcohol, cirrhosis and mortality’ shows up in this month’s Addiction journal. Its aim was to determine the effect of pathological intensity of cirrhosis on survival in patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis.