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The experiment was conducted with identical recorded statements, but with different results. While participants rated statements with slight accent as honest as statements by native speakers, they rated heavily accented statements as less honest, Lev-Ari said.

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However, Dr. Quigley said that even prolong the life of three or four months is progress in a group for whom time is so precious.

The nature of gliomas is such that, regardless of the extent of surgery, some cancer cells remain in the brain. However, one of the few things we can do to improve the survival of a person with this disease is to perform a resection of the tumor complete as possible. We know that patients who have a clean post-operative MRI tend to live longer, said Dr. Quigley, who is co-investigator in charge of the hospital study of ALA with Khaled Aziz, MD, Director interventions for the AGH complex skull base.

Our goal in the treatment of some devastating received this diagnosis is to do everything possible to maximize the quantity and quality of time they have left, said Dr. Quigley.

In Germany, where ALA has already been approved for use in brain surgery, the researchers have shown significant benefits associated with therapy.

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