Association between grip strength and survival of the poor elderly

‘The fourth age was under-represented in previous studies,’ wrote Dr. Caroline Ling, Leiden University Medical Center, Department of Gerontology and Geriatrics and coauthors. ‘The objective of this study was to evaluate the association between muscular strength and mortality in older women.’Grip strength, poor or declining in the elderly is associated with poor survival and may be used as a tool to assess mortality, found an article in CMAJ , the segment of the population is the group of over 85 years, ranked as the oldest.

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‘The Grip strength is a measurement easy for doctors to get,’ says Dr. Huang, who is also associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. ‘Dynamometers handle, but not commonly found in doctors’, are simple devices maintenance.’

Low grip strength has always been linked to premature mortality and disability health complications other middle-aged and elderly. Grip strength, an easy read, can be an alternative way to measure the overall muscle strength.

In a related commentary, Dr. Allen Huang, geriatrician at the McGill University Health Centre, wrote that the world population is aging, and the segment comprises people aged 80 and older.

The company and the health care system must recognize the rapid growth of this age group and prepare to meet his potential.