Ass In Disaster Preparedness.

– The American College of Emergency Physicians’ National Report Card on the State of Emergency Medicine confirms other recent high marks ‘ high marks ‘for almost any disaster planning, training, and communications systems indicator ‘, but also show that Louisiana emergency departments are overcrowded, that the quality in ERs supplied here to the national average, and that performance results are poor for patients who require emergency care really critical.. Ass In Disaster Preparedness, Prevention In Lower, Accesssays a national medical specialty organization, Louisiana health system is well prepared for disasters, but in a poor state for its public health care, access to emergency care and health quality.

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Caution symptoms of depression and five or more clinical. – enter depression, most experts to say Persistent sad, anxious or empty humor – loss of interest or pleasure in activities again been found fun – Feelings which hopelessness, worthlessness and excessive guilt – tiredness or loss of energy – sleep too little or a lot of – of difficulty decisions of or focused concentrate – Significant weight loss when not dieting and weight increase – thoughts of suicide or plans.