As well as the independent sector.

The warning comes from the National Patient Safety Agency and applies for neurosurgical team in all NHS Trusts in England and Wales, as well as the independent sector.

The NPSA ‘s vision to lead and contribute to improved, safe patient care by informing, supporting and influencing healthcare individuals and organizations.. Phillip van Hille, President of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons said: the Society of British Neurological Surgeons supports the Rapid Response Report. Neurosurgery is committed to the highest standards of patient care and will do anything to avoid doing wrong side of cranial surgery. This is a particular problem where emergency surgery for on unable to confirm on the side of their intracranial pathology, or bilateral pathology or their operation is performed on the basis of imaging studies in other hospitals. – The Company believes that appropriate preoperative localization can help reduce the risk of a wrong place, the company strongly supports surgery final preoperative to verify in theater, the patient finally positioned and prepared for surgery.Accepting Healthy Smiles and healthy children grant applications.

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