As part of the emerging drugs and devices for STEMI and NSTEMI in Room 151AB.

On Thursday, 23/9, is Dr. Chaim Lotan present improvement of microcirculation function – a covered stent for STEMI increase experience with mGuard. as part of the emerging drugs and devices for STEMI and NSTEMI in Room 151AB.

Displayed mGuard Prime for Primary PCI in STEMI, saphenous vein grafts and ACS with visible thrombus. The new mGuard PRIME CE Mark and is in 2011 in selected areas.. Finally, do not forget to visit InspireMD booth# 2052 to learn mGuard Prime, InspireMD new Net Protective Cobalt Chromium Stent System. Prime mGuard provides an advanced Co-Cr – design with superior flexibility, excellent deliverability and InspireMD unique MicroNet Mesh technology.With the device, injured by blunt force, explosion, or other traumatic, the cells on the impact point are irreversibly damaged and to die. In the area of the wound, damaged cells Loosen toxic substances which swell the brain and run flow of blood and oxygen. This process generates a larger cell death, affects the function of the brain. Argenta and his team have targeted these injured brain cell to determine whether the removing the liquid and poisoned substances which could result to cell death to help. The survival the damaged cells.. Louis C. Argenta and Michael Morykwas, Professor at the Dept. For Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, and by a multidisciplinary team by colleague from Wake Forest Baptist have more than 15 years in working with negative pressure units successful treat wounds and burns.

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