As background information.

As background information, the authors explain that almost 5 million with with Parkinson’s disease. That number will double in the next two decades.

Alpha-synuclein, a protein accumulates in the cells of Parkinson’s patients. Alpha-synuclein has a pathological feature of the Parkinson’s disease. These protein aggregates to form Lewy bodies, died a structure typically of of patients with Parkinson’s after .Other UT Southwestern researchers involved in this study were Dr. Abu Minhajuddin, assistant professor of clinical sciences, Masoud Afshar, a postdoctoral fellow in nephrology, Dr. Robert tote, Professor of Medicine and clinical sciences, Madhukar Trivedi, professor for psychiatry.

Hedayati, by George M. Being then conductive this Chronic Kidney Disease an antidepressant Sertraline Trial order to determine if antidepressants in kidneys disease patients were tolerated and will whether such treatments to enhance depression and the quality of life.. The connection between chronic renal disease , depression and poorer state of health adjusted for age, race and the other actual medical conditions of take. Need for highly need for well – designed clinical trials to investigate whether treatment with antidepressant medications is effective and safe in this vulnerable population group patients were treated with advanced kidney disease bigger larger randomized trials antidepressants treatment of, said Dr.