Antibacterial agent can cause pregnancy problems

This is one reason scientists are concerned about the effects of chemicals related to pregnancy, such as triclosan.D., professor and chair of physiology and functional genomics in the UF College of Medicine, and co-author the study. All the oxygen a baby receives from its mother through the mother’s uterine artery. Without enough estrogen, can narrow the artery, reducing blood flow.

During pregnancy, this enzyme, called estrogen sulfotransferase, helps to metabolize estrogen and go through the placenta in fetal development. There, estrogen plays a crucial role in brain development and gene regulation.

We suspect that makes this hazardous substance during pregnancy if a sufficient number of triclosan through the placenta to affect the enzyme, said James, professor and chair of pharmaceutical chemistry at the College ‘of Pharmacy, UF. We know for a fact that is a very powerful inhibitor. What we know is the kind of levels that should be exposed to see a negative effect.

Thought to be harmless, triclosan gives many soaps and lotions from their antibacterial hand and is in hundreds of popular products. But a team of UF researchers, led by Margaret O. James, Ph., discovered that the chemical prevents an enzyme linked to the metabolism of estrogen. The researchers ‘findings’ were published in the November issue of the journal Environment International.

We know that this is a problem, but we do not know how much of a problem. We must go back and do further studies.

Triclosan is incorporated into products for the home because it inhibits bacterial growth, said James. But the bad thing is that unexpected side effect is the inhibition of this important enzyme in the body. At this point, we do not know if people are exposed to levels high enough to cause an adverse effect.

Further studies are needed before researchers can conclude that the effects of triclosan on the very human health, said James.

Some of these can go and combine with estrogen receptors and mimic estrogens or to keep out of its estrogen receptors or alter the metabolism of estrogen, which is what I look like triclosan, said Wood.

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A chemical found in everything from antibacterial soaps and lotions for socks and toothpaste can disturb an enzyme that plays an important role in pregnancy, the University of Florida researchers say.

In April 2010, the Food and Drug Administration has decided to take a closer look at triclosan, after several studies found links to problems with the hormonal regulation and other possible adverse health effects.

Other studies have shown that the chemical, which can be decomposed by bacteria, remains in the environment long after it has been used.