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Critics of egg donation that young women can not understand the potential physical and psychological risks associated with long-term donation. The Times reports that the donation of eggs can cause bloating, mood swings and hot flashes. The most significant risk is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which can lead to abdominal pain, bloating and, in rare cases, life-threatening.The study – published in the Hastings Center Report, a journal of bioethics – has examined more than 100 ads from 63 newspapers egg donation in college. The guidelines provide that payments in excess medical costs and $ 5,000 or more for require justification and that payments of more than $ 10 000 are not appropriate. The guidelines prohibit pay extra for egg donors for specific characters.

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According to Levine, fertility clinics fully complied with ASRM guidelines in their advertising. However, egg donation agencies or brokers were more likely to report an increase in payments. Fertility clinics are generally members of the Society for assisted reproductive technology – which is affiliated with the ASRM – and must follow the instructions.

ABC World News on Tuesday presented an industry survey of egg donation. New World has found that donors with specific characteristics – such as blond hair, high intelligence or certain ethnic groups – may receive a higher remuneration for the gift .

Sean Tipton, spokesman for the ASRM, said the group has the power a little more than egg donation agencies or brokers. Nearly 10,000 American children born through the use of donated eggs in 2006, almost double the number in 2000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the Times, despite the increased demand for eggs for use in fertility treatments, conservatives and supporters of the anti-abortion has focused on the use of eggs to create embryos for research , leading to efforts to enforce severe restrictions in some states. In 2009, California passed a new law requiring donor ads include warnings on health risks.

In contrast, in New York City Board Empire State Stem Cell in 2009 decided that the State funding of research could be used to offset up to $ 10 000 women for egg donation .