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The results of these clinical trials with the other attributes of tests should together enable Hologic compete in the fast growing HPV testing market both in the U.S. And internationally. The Cervista HPV high-risk test is currently approved by the FDA in the U.S. Hologic has CE marking of the Cervista HPV test preserved and is. Currently in the final stages of obtaining CE mark approval for the sample preparation part of the test, the company expects to launch the product in the EU in January 2009.

‘Although the technology has the potential be adapted for use in the staging and treatment of other cancers, such as lung and prostate cancer, the instrument for the type of operation must,’said Douek, the advised the researchers from the beginning. Probe development Ahrough a number of different probes in the the course of a year. Was I interested in part of the project because. My interest in magnetic resonance imaging. This is an extension of the technology ‘.Constance. By the University of Montreal.. Adding ezetimibe significantly atorvastatin improved, defined achievement out of lipid objectives a of the two Canadian and European Policy for elderly patients aged 65 and earlier and produces combining superior outcomes as simply increasing the doses of atorvastatin alone, Dr. Christian Constance told with Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2009, which Heart and Stroke Foundation and to the Canadian Cardiovascular Society co-hosts.